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Kansas City Tile Flooring Installation

The professional tile flooring installation team at CW Flooring have been installing premium tile flooring in Kansas City homes for over 16 years. Seen on ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition, CW Flooring is proud to be known as a trusted provider or premium hardwood flooring to the entire Kansas City metro and surrounding areas, including Overland Park, Olathe, Mission, Liberty, Independence and Prairie Village.

Ceramic tile floor installation is a great way to add a dynamic texture and unique natural character to any room in your home. One of the benefits of tile flooring is that it comes available in an enormous variety of shapes, styles, colors, patterns and finishes that offer the homeowner a wide range of stylish looks.

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Benefits of Tile Flooring

There are many benefits that come along with tile flooring installation. We all know that the style and quality of your kitchen can increase the value of your home. Installing a beautiful tile floor in your kitchen will help you increase this home value significantly. With tile flooring, it is also possible to make a smaller room look larger in your home. Installing 12 or 13 inch tiles can easily create the illusion of a larger space.

You will also find that tile floors are much better at withstanding the test of time against fading when exposed to direct sunlight. You tile flooring’s glaze and color was fired at temperatures close to 2300 degrees. Even when placed outdoors, direct sunlight is not going to be a concern of fading.

Tile Flooring in Kansas City

Whether you’re looking at installing ceramic tile, natural stone, glass tile, porcelain tile, metals, terracotta, marble, slate or granite tile flooring in your home, the tile specialists at CW Flooring in Kansas City are ready to give your home a beautiful new look.

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