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Kansas City Cork Flooring Installation

The professional cork flooring installation team at CW Flooring have been installing top quality cork floors in Kansas City homes for over 16 years. Seen on ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition, CW Flooring is proud to be known as a trusted provider or premium cork flooring to the entire Kansas City metro and surrounding areas, including Overland Park, Liberty, Mission, Prairie Village, Olathe and Independence.

Cork flooring is very unique in the fact that it’s actually made from the bark of a cork oak tree, rather than being made from the wood itself. These cork oak trees are native to Portugal and Spain, living to be roughly 200 years old. Rather than cutting down the tree, bark is harvested about once per decade, once the tree is mature. Environmentally friendly homeowners who are fond of green technologies will appreciate cork flooring, as the process of removing the bark does not affect the tree’s health. You’ll find that cork flooring has a distinctive and elegant, light brown, pressed look, similar to that seen if you cut through a wine cork.

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Why Choose a Cork Flooring Installation?

Along with being an environmentally-sound and beautiful wood flooring choice, cork flooring muffles the sound of footsteps. This makes it a perfect solution for high traffic areas. You will notice when walking on cork flooring that it also has a little give to it, making it a functional choice for areas where you must be on your feet for longer periods of time.

How Durable and Long Lasting is Cork Flooring?

Cork flooring has been used as the primary flooring material in the United States for over a century. It can often be found in high traffic libraries, churches and courthouses. If you’re curious whether cork flooring can withstand the high amounts of traffic in your home, it has been used for the last 100 years in the US Library of Congress, New York City Public Library, Rockefeller University Library, and numerous Frank Lloyd Wright homes. It’s safe to say that it will be a durable solution for your home as well.

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